So. I got a comment on my screenshot telling me I should add him to discuss a trade with him. I did as he asked me to do, and decided to see what he wanted. He told me he wanted to buy my Bowie Knife Doppler Sapphire that I had in my inventory. We agreed on the price and hopped onto discord for further discussion. He showed me that he had balance ( Darn, now I wish I had recorded all that he said and showed me). But anyway, then he sent me 0,01 sent to check that it works as intended and asked me to proceed with the trade, to send him the offer and confirm it while he was ready on discord, still sharing his screen and his cursor hovering over the button to send the money. Once he got the item on to his inventory, boom. I was deleted and blocked from Discord, then Steam. He even got someone to impersonate a seller, that had 'sold' him the knife, that he stole from me.​well, the ordering is a bit messed up, but I'll do my best to keep telling the story how it happened. first picture is a screenshot of his profile after the scam had been completed, with my item in his item showcase. View attachment 750148 second picture shows proof, that i was talking to him on discord and that we had agreed on him paying me the amount etc. i know, discord logs dont really matter on cases like these but might aswell throw it in there. View attachment 750149 screenshot number 3 is of the 0,01 that he sent me from his account. note, that the sending SWCSGO is the account he uses for most of his trades (atleast so I assume, I'll link his twitter here: ). also, the 779,09€ is the agreed price that he was ment to send me. I have requested it from him as you may see. View attachment 750150 screenshot 4 shows that the item has indeed been sent to the guy that has scammed me. View attachment 750151 screenshot 5 is from a guy who faked the +rep, i traded blablabla. I tried contacting him, which got me blocked from him aswell.Extra note: This is my 1st time reporting someone, so I just threw every single picture of the proof from my picturefolder inhere, thatswhy the order is all random and a bit confusing to read. Also, I will be linking all his info down below for easier investigating; /(his steam group of 'trading' his twitter account and finally his steam custom URLDiscord chat: chat:

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3 days ago

This man tried to scam my friend !!! DONT TRUST HIM ! OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ITEMS !

6 days ago

So we agreed that I will sell this guy (76561197963651295) my Ursus Black Pearl for 850$ and we are going to use paypal as payment method. He came to my discord and showed me the payment that he is going to send after I trade the knife (showed in screenshots). We were talking in discord and he sent me 0,03$ test payment just to make sure that I can receive money on my paypal that I haven't used in a while. After I sent the knife, we we talking for a moment and he said he is sending the money right now. After couple minutes he disconnected and blocked me on steam. The problem is that steam had maintenance update after this and I lost all the chat logs. This evidence is still way more than enough to proof that there's something going on. On the paypal message you can see the trade agreement. Trade proof:

8 days ago

-rep scammer!

16 days ago

New scammer be careful!

1 month ago

-rep scammer! use fake links + fake paypal money scam to get your items! Be aware.

3 months ago

this dumb not from Switzerland, some poor country , and scammed my knife for 110usd lol.....

4 months ago

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