+rep good china bro!:) Thanks for alipay :) ^^

1 month ago

thanks for help to sell my items via Alipay :) .

3 months ago

+REP sold him my Kara emerald via btc :) Trusted!

6 months ago

+rep sold him my inventory via ALIPAY! GOOD DEAL :)

7 months ago

good trade man, thanks

9 months ago


10 months ago

+rep super trusted:) Sold him my IBP Holo kato 2014 sticker and no issues! BTC received !

11 months ago

+rep sold 5x DC Hooks via alipay^^ Good deal ^^

1 year ago

+rep good alipay trade! sold my pandoras gloves mw and i went first

1 year ago

sold my m9 tt via btc and no problems!

2 years ago

+rep alipay!

2 years ago

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